Supervisory Board Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH

Michael Wolff

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • CEO of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Paul Dierkes*

  • Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Organization programmer

Richard Mayer

  • CFO of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Wojciech Gątkiewicz

  • CSO of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Dirk Hardow

  • COO of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Daniela Gotzmann

  • Director HR of Pfleiderer Group S.A.

Stephan Ott

  • Head of Group Accounting, Head of Group Tax

Christian Iwanowski

  • Union secretary IG Metall, district manager Nordrhein-Westfalen

Jürgen Schnarr*

  • Shift production manager
  • Deputy chairman of the General Employee Council of Pfleiderer GmbH, Neumarkt

Gregor Haupeltshofer*

  • Chairman of the Employee Council of Pfleiderer Neumarkt GmbH

Dr. Melanie Tuchbreiter**

  • Senior Vice President & General Counsel Corporate Unit Legal Affairs, Pfleiderer

Dr. Astrid Ziegler**

  • Political Secretary for Industry and traffic policity in Managing Board of IG Metall


* Employee representative
** Representative of executive staff

As of October 2016